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Hammersmith Short Course
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What are the objectives of this course?

  • At the end of the course student should depict basic understanding of  theoretical knowledge  and technique for suture removal assist chair-side with all
  • Demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through group discussion,

Who is it intended for?

For Registered Dental Care Professional assisting dentist or specialist with minor oral surgery procedures like extraction, periodontal surgery implant surgery etc, and look forward to further enhance their skills and understanding to improve the 4 handed dentistry, leading to delivery of better patient care.


  • Dental Nursing Qualification
  • GDC Registration Number
  • Self Motivation
  • Employed in clinical setting to practice their suture removal skills as extended duties under the supervision of supportive team


Certificate of Competency in Suture Removal

What marks this course apart?

  • Convenient location, just 2-3 minutes away from public transport
  • Small group with friendly environment
  • 1:1 attention
  • Free tea/ coffee with biscuits

What happens after requesting information?

  •  Chat with course advisor
  •  Submission of requested document and fees

Do I need to complete a portfolio

No portfolio is required

Is there an assignment work for submission at the end of the course?

No assignment submission is required, group discussion  and written task is taken on the same day after the delivery of  course.

How is the course delivered ?

Classroom session

How many CPD hours do I gain from the course ?

4hrs of CPD is provided

Is there a time frame for the completion of portfolio and assignment?

Yes, within one month from the date of course attended, not applicable to this course


The course will cover:

  • GDC Scope of Practice- Extended Duties for Dental Nurses
  • Patient consent and communication
  • Oral Cavity and Wound Healing
  • Awareness on suture material and types
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Technique and Instrumentarium
  • Post-operative instructions
  • Discussion and Feedback