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Hammersmith Short Course
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This course is designed to allow dental nurses to undertake the extended duty of rubber dam placement for dental treatment.


What are the objectives of this course?

At the end of the session learners, should depict understanding on following aspects of rubber dam course:- To be able to recognise the benefits of rubber dam To be able to recognise and select the correct instrumentarium To be able to place rubber dam routinely, besides for specialist procedure

Who is it intended for?

GDC Registered Dental Care Professionals using or helping their clinicians with the placement of rubber dam for every day dental procedures / specialist procedures.


  • Qualified and GDC registered DCP
  • Supportive Employer to supervise at workplace
  • Self motivation


Certificate of Competency: Placement of Rubber Dam

What marks this course apart?

Very small group tailored to learner’s need in friendly and flexible environment CPD hours 2-3 minutes away from public transport. Free tea/ coffee with biscuits

What happens after requesting information?

  • Communication with course advisor
  • Submission of requested documents with fee

How many CPD hours will I gain from course?

You will gain 6 CPD hours from this one day course

Do I have to complete some portfolio work ?

Yes, placement for rubber dam on 6 patients at your workplace, successful and satisfactory completion, helps to gain additional 4hours of CPD

Do I need to do any assignment at the end of the course?

Yes, assignment has to be completed at the end of the course.

Is there a time limit for assignment and portfolio completion?

Yes within one month from the date of the course attended for successful completion.


The course aims to discuss on following aspects:-

  • Regulations and the GDC
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Indications for the use of rubber dam
  • Informed consent
  • The procedure
  • Components of the rubber dam kit
  • The procedure and technique for placement