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This Dental Impression Taking course will provide the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills needed in order for dental nurses to competently take Dental Impressions and Cast Study Models of patients under prescription from the dentist.


What are the objectives of this course?

Impression-taking science; Patient care/ patient experience; GDC Standards including informed consent; Health & Safety considerations; Infection control procedures; Managing the gag reflex; and difficult patients for this procedure How to assess/grade and reflect upon impressions.

Who is it intended for?

GDC registered Dental Care Professionals


GDC Registration certificate Update BLS certificate Support of GDC registered employing dentist


Certificate of Competency in Impression Taking

What marks this course apart?

Small group with 1:1 training

Individual learning plans to cater the learner’s need

Convenient location, 3mins walk from underground and bus station

What happens after requesting information?

  • Chat with course advisor
  • Submission of relevant documents and course fee as applicable


How many hours of CPD do I gain by attending the course?

Course attendance provides 4 hours of CPD

Is Portfolio required for the course ?

Yes, at the end of the course a portfolio with 8-10 patients needs to be submitted.Successful and satisfactory submission further provides 02 hours of additional CPD.

Is there a time limit for portfolio submission ?

Yes, within one month from the date of the course attended


  • Impression-taking science – It will discuss the anatomy of the oral cavity and related pathology as applicable to above clinical chair-side
  • Patient care/ patient experience; patient management including techniques to manage difficult patients like anxious , gag reflex etc.
  • GDC Standards including informed consentwhere the participants will be give understanding of consent taking as very important aspect for the clinical procedure
  • It will discuss in detail the principles of best practice for dental professionals working in UK as laid by GDC
  • Health & Safety considerations; it will focus on health and safety acts and other related legislations
  • This will discuss on disinfection protocols, package and labelling
  • Infection control procedures; this will discuss on use of PPEs and proper waste disposal
  • Managing the gag reflex; with various patient management technique
  • How to assess/grade and reflect upon impressions